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+Pain Management


Pain. A familiar and infamous concept. In fact, over 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain worldwide!
That tells me that the “pills” aren’t working. We need to take adifferent approach to healing. And it begins with our movement.

Plus Movimiento is an alternative to “regular” medicine. I see pain as a puzzle, where all the pieces need to be considered
and all alternatives tested. My method begins by addressing movement from the inside out to discover where it originates. Is it
neurological, mechanical, structural or muscular?

As we explore the “why” of your movement, I will journey with you through the pain. Sometimes trying to beat it, other times learning from it, but always working hand in hand with it. My hope is that as you learn to manage pain, you will also become stronger, move with confidence, and build a mind/body connection.

As you’ll see below, pain is also your ticket to growth.


-Dr. Paul Lastayo, PT, PHD, CHT

“Pilates with Camilo is a movement-experience that extends beyond core strengthening and flexibility. The ability to implement movements via Pilates-based techniques that enhances normal body motions that have deteriorated due to age and/or disease is where Camilo shines. I have benefited greatly after hip replacements in both legs and nagging back problems. His approach to restoring movements via Pilates has helped me over the past 2 years so that I am now moving closer to how I moved as a young child. I am a big fan of how Camilo engages his clients in purposeful movements that incorporates Pilates for overall health and wellness.”



Mindy Johnson

“I have found a class and teacher that have changed my relationship with my body and my movement. Good bye back pain and hello so many other things that have brought added
value to my life and physical practices.”

plus movimiento

Elizabeth Perri

“I was referred to Camilo nearly 2 years ago by a friend in the fitness industry.  Since then, he has not only strengthened my body, he has also taught me how to move, sit, stand, and live more effectively.  The modifications that he offers in strength training have dramatically decreased pain incurred during exercise. In short, he has worked miracles and given me a quality of life that I thought I had lost forever. 

Camilo works tirelessly to study new methods of training, new activities, and new exercises. Most importantly, aside from the incredible work Camilo accomplishes through training, he is also extremely fun to work with.  Laughter is frequent in every session, which has worked to heal not only my body, but my soul as well.  He is truly gifted.”



Diana Jennings

Pilates at Plus Movimiento is world class and hands down the best studio to go to! Camilo is a very conscientious instructor, who has years of experience, and an innate understanding of movement. He pays meticulous attention to his clients' centering, precision and breath during a practice. Over time, I have acquired sport injuries and other poor posture habits; Camilo has taught me how to start over and move better, feel better, and Increase my athleticism.



Sheri Dunleavy

As a fellow fitness professional, I take Pilates classes from Camilo not only to learn a new skill, but also to simply be a student.  Camilo's knowledge of the human body and movement patterns is unsurpassed!  I learn so much from him!As an athlete and outdoor enthusiast, his work helps keep me injury free and in alignment both physically and spiritually..  Oh, and did I mention it is fun?!!






I have been doing Pilates for approximately 15 years and this is the best Pilates studio and instructor I have ever been to! The space is calming and energizing all in one. Camilo's knowledge and instruction level is superior. The equipment is top notch!

-Katherine Ragle


On the first day of training with Camilo, I realized how well he understands the body, how it moves and how to correct imbalances. Through movement work, weight training, Pilates and some boxing my body has morphed tremendously over the last 2 yrs. I'm stronger, ache less and physically able to manage long work days that are physically gruelling. Camilo takes time to adjust training strategies to correct and progress physical weaknesses. He has a true skill and provides it in a safe and caring space while making it fun. I would recommend and have recommended him to friends and colleagues. He also works with myself and surgeons in training to help correct body alignment issues, a hazard of our work.

-Giavonni Lewis