How can you beat that?

For people like us who have suffered from back pain, this is...

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I do know how debilitating back pain can be.

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It can literally make you feel like banging your head against a wall.


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the head banging ends here.

the goal 

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My method is teaching you how to move without pain.

We protect how you move in the safe, small setting of our classes using equipment (the Pilates Reformer and props) that has been designed to correct deficiencies, while you develop strength and autonomy at your own level.

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You will also receive personal attention to correct what needs to be modified and develop strength that enhances your active lifestyle.

The end result?

The sun shines in the morning after the wonderful night of sleep you receive! 

Finally you were not tossing and turning, attempting to find a comfortable position. You didn't have to reach for the alarm because you woke up on your own feeling rested and refreshed. As you move out of bed you notice...

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What a wonderful sensation!

We could sit here all day and list the countless ways that your day is "normal" now that you've..

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Ready to get rid of your low back pain?