Move Better
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+ An explanation of Camilo's training approach to your fitness success



Training consists of 5 stages

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Correcting faulty movement. Everyone has acquired certain types of improper body mechanic behaviors due to society's routines. Think of this stage as tearing down old habits and establishing correct mobility patterns, a blueprint we'll then use for stage 2. This is achieved through specific exercises including complex activity and balance challenges, etc. This will challenge your mind too!

Once correct mobility is established, we build the foundation. This includes creating muscular and joint stability, paying specific attention to the spine, and gaining strength for daily demands on the body.


Increase endurance. Think of this stage as insurance for you scaffolding- increasing your ability to use correct patterns without compromising movement due to fatigue. The body requires longevity to withstand different forces without crumbling. We will develop both duration and intensity for the joints and muscles, and continue to implement stabilization exercises. There is the option to begin building a base for performance training (if this is a goal).

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Build strength. Now you're adding floors, walls and ceilings to your residence. After establishing a better understanding of how to use your bodyweight, we'll add external load (weights) and challenge the body in various positions.


Once your building is secure, we'll add the unique details. Stage five is meant to develop speed, power, and agility based on the foundations of the previous four building blocks. This includes the addition of explosive, quick movements. While everyone requires a certain amount of these exercises, it is especially targeted to athletes.