camilo jimenez


I have an obsessive compulsion with movement…

More than I care to admit.

15 years in the fitness industry has taught me that life significantly impacts the way we move. I’ve had the opportunity to train a variety of people and each one has told me colorful stories, mostly through their body's movements.

My personal story includes recovering from hip surgery, finding balance in holding onto my culture while struggling to become a US citizen, starting a business, and meeting superb people along the way.

I appreciate movies, especially independent films, and excellent music. I enjoy dancing and miss eating Arepas. I stand for equality and support women in gaining influential roles to positively impact society’s decisions. My political views are as strong as my love for a well-brewed cup of coffee.

My coaching background includes Pilates (mat and Reformer), Martial Arts, ACE certification, TRX, bosu, cross training, weight lifting and athletic training.