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Meet The Warrior - Ally Sanchez

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Today I ran. I ran for the first time in 10 years. I ran not because I was running away
from something, not because I was trying to survive, I ran by choice!

I have spent the last 13 years unfolding my body. It all began when I started
massage school, at 415 lbs, with 12 different prescriptions and a torn soul. I have
peeled many layers of behavior and beliefs, and the one thing I could not seem to get
quite right was the connection of my functional body, movement.
The most frustrating part for me is that as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I can
whisper to connective tissue and fascia. The mesoderm is my playground! My hands
guide me and I know exactly what a triathlete needs to do to adjust their gait so that
they don’t hurt anymore. I can sit in silence while massaging my client and connect
to our higher selves.

I have been an assistant in the healing of many, yet when it comes to myself, there is
a disconnection between my body, its functions, the reasons for inflammation and
its healing potential.
I have been privileged to experience healing miracles on my table. I have made
bodywork my life and my passion! This year however, I realized that if I didn’t
switch the story and start making MY BODY MY LIFE’S WORK, I would not be able to
fulfill my full transformation.

In September of 2017, I started using Instagram for marketing, research and as a
tool for inspiration. I searched and found great and amazing people posting amazing
movement, exercises, science, dance, and music. I yearned to be moved and to create
movement. At that time, my massage practice had slowed down drastically and I
knew my energy had a lot to do with it. I definitely needed a change.
I messaged a few professionals yearning to join their functional movement retreats
in areas such as yoga, alternative medicine, etc. and somehow I couldn’t bring
myself to apply. When I finally did, I got turned down for being too obese, for not
moving enough, and basically for not fitting the “functional human” spectrum.
During that same time, I also declared my love to a dear friend and colleague of 9
years and again, got crushed and rejected. I was just in a sad space.

As 2017 was coming to an end, I was done with all of the rejection, self-sabotage,
self-loathing, and most importantly, I was done with the past.

We all make resolutions, plans, and goals at the beginning of the year, only to give
up before we start. Instead, I set my intention to the heavens and asked for helpers
to come my way to assist me in my transformation journey. I searched and humbly
asked God/Higher power/ Universe to guide me where I needed to be. I promised
myself that I was going to live life to the fullest! 2018 was going to activate my life
by finding passion for myself, learning to love myself, to change what I could control,and let go of everything that was out of my control. I wanted movimiento to come
into my life.


Ask and ye shall receive.” One morning as I was reviewing my Instagram feed, I
noticed a new follower and found it so peculiar that the name of the business was
Plus Movimiento. I was shocked and curious. Who is this? I watched Camilo’s story
from that day and I think he was talking about New Year’s resolutions. It intrigued
me and I followed him back because I was impressed with Camilo’s knowledge,
delivery, candor, and content. The step-by- step movement instruction was
captivating. I saw the passion in his eyes through his videos.

At the time, I was already making changes, moving more, and working with different movement modalities, so his posts aligned with me. As a body worker, I constantly search for
providers to assist my clients with movement, flexibility and stability.
Serendipitous events occurred on 1-12- 18 when Camilo posted a great clip of
shoulder stability and movement. I had been working with a client who had severe
shoulder restriction, impingement, myasthenia, and of course, debilitating pain. Her
case was a challenge for me. I had sent her to other providers and they had not
helped, or their schedules did not synch. Both my client and I were frustrated
because the bodywork would alleviate her pain for a few days only to return with
fury. When I saw her on 1-13- 18, I told her. “Look, I don’t personally know this
movement specialist. Let me show you this video and if you feel like he can help you,
I can give you his information and you can call him. Just know that I have no
personal experience of his work, but intuitively I feel as if you need to go meet him.”


I followed up with him by sending a message and two days later, she went to see
him. Two hours after she left his office, she texted me and said, “Met with Camilo
today. He is a healer and you must meet him. You both must work together.”
Two days later, I received a message back from Camilo thanking me for the referral.
He wondered if he could come out to drop off some information. When he arrived at
my office, I was walking out of a session and here comes MR. +Movimiento himself,
with his swagger, confidence, and most importantly, with this light. Or maybe it was
because he was wearing all white, or perhaps the sunglasses that were mirrors! HA!
I said, “Instafamous, I will be with you in a minute…” After we exchanged notes and
repertoires, he paused and said, “So Ally, what can I do for you?” I was shocked!
What can you do for me? I hesitated to answer that question. I am a provider, and I
am a giver. I then said, “Well, I would like to take your complementary class.” The
first class was 1-31- 18, and on that day I thought I knew movement, because I had
been working on moving more, but oh boy was I disconnected!

camilo jimenez trainer

For the first time I had someone watching me like a hawk and not afraid to call my
JUNK OUT LOUD! I felt I had found someone who understood my struggle. He
watched how I moved. My skeleton was naked! I saw the look on his face of disbelief
and intrigue at the same time. He knew he was dealing with something deeper than
just movement. He knew we were moving trauma out. I committed and came back
the following week and every time we met, he surprised me. I cried, I puffed and huffed; one day, I almost threw him across the room with a resistance band! Every
time I went, he began to rehabilitate movement in my body. Watching every move I
made, learning what I had forgotten, to then introduce new movements to awaken
my muscles, ligaments, tendons, energy, and spirit that I had deprived from
conscious movement. After a few weeks of consistent work, things began to get
serious. Pain intensified, my frustration grew and I wanted to give up. I didn’t want
to face the pain I was afraid of. Then one day Camilo said to me, “LISTEN TO WHAT
I didn’t want to move anymore and he knew it.
He sternly said to me, “Alejandra, EL MOVIMIENTO ES TUYO, TOMALO!” This is your
movement, take it. Own it! I began to awaken from the inside out and I began to
crave movement. I began to breathe through challenges and grew stronger every

Today I ran. After years of emotional abuse, personal neglect, trauma and pain.
Today I ran. Not because I needed to survive, not even because Camilo asked me to. I
ran because I had a choice to run. My higher self shouted out, “do it, try it, GO!”
My transformation journey has just begun. I am forever grateful to my God who has
sent me the right team. He has set me in the right path. I am grateful for
+Movimiento and for Camilo’s expansive knowledge, creativity, and passion. For the
first time, I am investing in myself. For the first time, I recognize myself in another
that sees my struggle, recognizes my strength, and transforms fear into potentiality!
Resistance will raise and obstacles will occur, but one thing is for certain: so long as
I can breathe, I have life. I choose to live life with MOVEMENT! I look forward to
continuing this journey.


Ally Sanchez LMT