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7 Simple Self-Care Habilts From A Fitness Expert To Create Daily Joy


Written by guest contributor - Sheri Dunleavy (ACe certified personal trainer)

As a fitness professional in the industry for over 35 years, I continually witness people, friends, and clients who take care of everybody and everything except themselves (this includes men).

We are human doings, rather than human BEings

The ART of  self care is not a checklist .. for example:
- wake up, eat, work out, brush teeth, go to work, eat, sleep, do it all over again ... you get the idea.

With Spring in the air, it is a perfect opportunity for re-birth and renewal of one's self.  It is time for being proactive and making responsible choices for our own true self care.  A time to plant and nurture our own seed and watch it bloom and grow!  In today's world this can be challenging.  TRUE self care goes beyond how many reps you can do on the squat machine, or how many watts you can put out on the Indoor Cycle bike, or how many calories you consume, or how many texts you respond to. It is about learning to find the balance in your life. Yet with mindfulness we can reap the benefits of a healthy mind, body, and soul and find inner peace.

Here are some helpful Self Care strategies and tips to follow :

7 tips edited.jpg

-Rise earlier.  Quiet time in the morning sets the tone to not be rushed all day. Take some time to really enjoy that cup of coffee, do some yoga stretches, meditation or some journaling. Plan your day in the peaceful stillness of the early hours rather than brushing your teeth and running out the door!
-Get out in nature.  The healthiest people I know get outside! Take time to look UP and see the beauty in nature and not always looking at a phone or computer.
-Learn to set your boundaries. Do you really want to take that phone call or respond to that text if it is not the right time? How much energy do you  have to give before you are depleted yourself?
-Turn off your devices.  Try to set times, especially in the evening, to turn off your devices and start unwinding and finding self- refection on the day. This strategy will help you prepare for a good nights sleep. Also, consuming a magnesium drink at bedtime will help you relax and unwind. 
-Avoid Gossip.  If you do not have something good to say about someone say nothing at all.  Self care is about nurture and gossiping can be very dangerous and unhealthy to your spirit.
-Practice Self Love. Loving yourself, forgiving yourself, accepting yourself--all of these feel different than judging yourself. Give it a try! YOU are all you've really got! It's okay to be a little selfish when learning true self-care.
-Try no to sweat the small stuff.  Life is not an emergency unless we are constantly creating it. Developing a more tranquil outlook on life requires that we know our own limits and that we take responsibility for our part in the process.

Enjoying planting the seed of your true self-care and watch yourself grow and learn!

Mindy Johnson