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Mindful self talk is a game changer

These days, Mindfulness is usually associated with yoga, meditation and spirituality. The proper definition is a little more precise...

mindfulness definition

Perhaps movement for you is exercise. A structure of steps you follow in order to get “fit”, a merely mechanical sequence of electricity, stimulation and forces. Maybe movement is a get-away? So you can stop thinking of that problem that keeps you up at night.

Whatever the circumstance, mindful movement or proper movement (how I prefer to call it), can not happen without the participation of a MIND-FULL-OF-LESS.

What do you mean by mind-full-of-less, Mr. Movimiento?



"Well that’s easy to say".. Thanks a hundred million $$ for the wisdom. Let me explain...

I have taught group classes, 1-1 trainings, masterclasses, whatever you can pack in several years of instruction (I refuse to tell you how many years because then you’ll make the calculation of how old I am). I can see how long it is going to take someone to succeed on their goals based not only in the way they move, but in the way they think about themselves.

How you speak about yourself is a key factor of how well your program is going to go.

key to success

Really successful people have something in common. They speak highly about themselves. You might call it arrogance, but is it really? Or... do they just know their shit so well, that they are not afraid to be thrown to the lions- because inside of them there’s only self love.

That’s right my people, they don't beat themselves to the ground after a mistake, they learn, recap, and move forward because that's the only road they know.

They ditch the cycle of shame. They hate the unsuccessful “poor me”, or “I suck”. They don't feed the negative talk. They find ways to handle things like adults!

They give the right amount of power to their feelings and emotions. They don't exaggerate or participate in the snowball effect of negative thoughts. They see challenges as individualized situations and not as some greater negative pattern.

The don't assume, or take things personally. They look for their responsibility in the outcome and more important, they don’t allow failure to define them as individuals.

And, are you ready for this... dun dun dun

They forgive themselves.

How you do expect to move forward when you still carry the past with you? The past is… exactly... it's gone! Nothing to do about it, besides to learn and not make the same mistakes.

I work every day to practice these habits in my life. It’s way easier to write about them, then it is to make them a constant action. I can only give you one piece of advice - 

Keep doing it, every day, no matter what happens, just keep doing it. Change happens over time, at some point..

I promise.


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