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My students are the best. They come into the studio ready to do their hard work, trusting that if they do their part I will guide them to a place where they are able to move in numerous ways without the worry of getting injured.


Meet one of my students - Diana. This lady brings a beautiful light and energy with her every time she steps into the studio. 

Diana a has rock solid body, superwoman strength, and the stamina of a teenager. She has been an active skier, regular attendee to group classes at the gym and a participant in other various physical activities for most of her life. However, when I met Diana, in order to keep up her level of activity she was relying on a few Ibuprofens a day. Small doses of course, but of considerable importance when you start adding the weeks and months...

As strong as she is, Diana was making important mistakes in terms of movement, leaving her to suffer from persistent back pain. There was an overuse of some muscles, leaving other muscles inactive.. compromising important joints and bone structures that were irritating her precious back.


Did you know that 8 out of every 10 Americans will experience back pain in their life? Of that number, 9 out of every 10 people who suffer from back pain will never find out the primary cause of their pain.

My method at Plus Movimiento is dedicated to teach people like Diana and you, how to move correctly - how to activate certain muscles and impede others, in order to create a more powerful and safe way to move away from pain and long term injury.

If you can't tell, this is a subject I am passionate about. I see a great need for correct movement instruction among my friends, colleagues, and in my community. We only have one body and we should know how to use it right.

That's why I have created a quick & free resource to help you combat back pain. Diana agreed to be the face of this resource because she has experienced first hand the relief that correct movement gives to the quality of life. We want to be able to share this guide with anyone who has become a victim of nagging back pain. 

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I asked her to share what wellness means to her and it's relation to living a joyful life. Here's what she said... 

"Wellness is such a complex concept, Yikes! It is something that one must learn to master on her/his own and emphasizes the importance of building inner resources, inner movements, inner understandings -in order to give meaning to experiences.

Wellness also makes one realize how daily habits, like love, motion, nutrition, affect one's micro and macro world. Operating at a somewhat optimal level of wellness enhances one's sense of self control, balance and self esteem.

Happiness is the reason for being. Close relationships make me happy; I enjoy hearing people's everyday stories. Also, Love makes me ecstatic- falling in love with- a sunrise, a color, a smile, one's place in the larger scheme of things. Feeling healthy makes me happy, being able to move well and to play sports, especially with others."

In case you already live a pain free life, I wanted to ask a favor. Please share this link with someone that you think could benefit from it... perhaps a friend, or member of your family.

Together lets build a community that supports wellness and each other. Let's give to our community and create some real change.

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